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Albany History, 1777 to 1861

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 About Albany History

Albany was one of the nation's most populous and important cities. A stable mixture of old Dutch and New England settlers, a strategic commercial location, and from 1797 the state capital, Albany flourished as the gateway to western settlement and the hub of financial development. From the brothers Stephen and Philip Van Rensselaer, to William James and James Kent, its citizens left an indelible mark on the pages of history. This site endeavors to describe the city and its leaders.

I am John McClintock, the author, designer and webmaster. I was born in Albany, raised in Slingerlands, and enjoyed thirty years of teaching history in independent schools in Albany, Milwaukee, and Chicago. In the old State Education building, I learned the ropes of archives management and catalogued the Elkanah Watson papers of New York State Library, Office of Manuscripts and State History. In the 1960s, I wrote about Albany history and started the archives at Albany Academy. From 2007 to 2012, I was archivist for the combined Albany Academies. I am now working on two projects related to the history of Albany Academy.

From June, 2012, to December, 2014, some of these site pages were public, some were private. Now all the pages are public and contain the following:
  • sources - a wide-ranging, searchable bibliography on Albany and its early schools
  • properties - descriptions of four important sites at the heart of the city

  • topics - its content will change from time to time; presently:
    • Foundations of Education in Albany - a slide presentation
    • Albany streets of the period and their re-naming
    • early development of medical institutions in Albany
    • odd items discovered along the way
  • biographies - information about Albany leaders of the period
  • history - a database of the most significant events of the period from local to worldwide
  • directory - a detailed, searchable and sortable listing of Albany residents in 1813
  • archives - downloadable books and documents of or about the period
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This site is for students of history. Please respect academic rules of citation. All web page text and downloadable papers have copyright owners. You may quote therefrom for academic purposes as long as you attribute the source. We post images from the public domain with sources indicated or images by permission of owners with the tag "courtesy of" or "cr." All downloadable books are in the public domain. The title page or filename indicates its source.

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